News post to tell you where I am

2007-11-23 17:37:58 by Agalyon

Hello. First of all I would like to say that my game is finished! The only problem is as soon as I finished it I thought the graphics were ugly and am now redoing them entirely.

The problem there is, I am doing at least 3 different designs for EVERYTHING!

Long story short it will take me a LONG time to finish this over-haul on looks. Plus my movie isn't very far, I am 2 scenes out of 7 done and still need to work on some backgrounds and the script.

I am also working on my third project, I hope I can release it soon, that is, if work and WoW pirates don't get me :P

You may also have noticed my site link, This is just temporary until I steal enough money to buy a server, I really would like some people to sign up for the forums, just keep it clean :)

Well that is all from me, cheerio! :)


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