Working, Not dead! Working

2007-11-12 15:45:17 by Agalyon

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while to whoever is watching this page :P

I am knee-deep in learning how to animate better and have about 3 projects I am working on, 1 is a movie, 1 a game and the other well....I have NO idea what it is :P

Well anyway within the next week or two you will either see something come up or at least a news post to tell you were I am.


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2007-11-18 22:38:35

lol im meant to be doing shootout right now :P instead im here on NG
u need to submit more stuff!

Agalyon responds:

I am getting to doing more stuff, I am just really busy and am having writers (or maybe flash artists?) block. Long story short my movie only has about 12 character designs and 1 scene and my game doesn't even have it's fighting system finalized